Art Considers

My father was a book worm and read continuously. His choice of reading was academic works on history and mythology. He bred into us a love of the written word and an understanding of the power of visual images. He was an engineer and explained mathematics in art such as the golden section. He took pains to teach us about paintings such as “The Dance” by Nicolas Poussin and how to recognise the beauty of light, colour and composition. The painting in this movie draws on those experiences as I use art to explain concerns. A clear case for the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree!

Cafe Life

I learnt a great deal during my years as a residential home Care Director. Not least of which is that most people with learning ‘differences’ are well able to learn the skills necessary to live independently. This movie follows one such enterprise which I created as a platform for ‘learning by doing’.  As learners grew in confidence so to did their capability. I keep it as a humble reminder of the dedication they demonstrated to do a great days work regardless of weather or other distractions. Their work ethic was almost tangible and they expected me to follow suit! Well I had no choice but to get stuck in!


The Great Sutton Bake Off

It’s not enough to enjoy your own creativity as we have a duty to pass on those joys. My wife and I have many happy memories of our grand daughters making cakes and chatting in front of our kitchen fire. This movie was created during one of those times. They each chose from performing in front of camera or operating the camera itself. Years later those choices reversed as our producer is now studying acting at LIPA and our presenter has a place to study broadcasting. Not guilty your honour!