1942 Born in Stafford
1956 Studied at Stafford College of Art
1962 Graduated in Fine Art

James lived and worked in London for a number of years developing his unique style, whilst undertaking numerous portrait and mural commissions. After a while he returned to his roots in the north and settled in Stoke on Trent. He now works exclusively in his studio’s at his private home in Endon. His work spans 50 years with a diverse range of materials.


In my early days, I was involved in silver and pewter work, precious metals, welding, brazing, engineering drawings, ceramics, papier mache, wood, fibre glass, acrylics, plastics, paint in its many forms, polystyrene fabrics, glass, plaster etc.

In the day of the National Diploma which was a six year course in this case, necessitated a preliminary study in embroidery, dress making, commercial art, creative design, calligraphy, illumination, book binding, leather work, layout and design, writing, recording, enamel, engraving, wood cutting, wood turning, sculpture, carving in stone and marble and casting in concrete.

The why

Having successfully taken my examinations in Fine Art and Ceramics he left college to free-lance in London. In the metropolis I gained recognition as a portrait painter and in contrast as an interior designer, both sections of clientele being completely separate. The majority of the portrait commissions were for theatre people, some of whom are now well known international names. This may explain the theatrical element in his work.

Interior design was in the Hicks style for the Foreign Office, British Council and Civil Service in general. Those residing in the Montague Square, Seymour Place area giving the Artist free access to West End galleries.Seymour Place area giving the Artist free access to West End galleries.

My Work

My work has been described as;

“His paintings present us with a strange and personal mythology. They envelope us in a unique fantasy world, where his figures move through timeless dream like spaces performing strange and deep erotic plays that have a surreal and shakespearean quality”.

“His paintings are mostly large, imposing and present the onlooker with a potent mix of mysticism and sexuality all embalmed in a vital and powerful painting style.


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